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6 ways to fix Ricoh scanner not working


Ricoh smart device is a smart device application which connects smart devices with printers and multifunctional devices. It can not only print but can also upload scanned data to the cloud. If working, it can make things a lot easier for you. But, these days you might come across that your Ricoh scanner not working.

It might happen that you have installed a new Ricoh printer on a network. But it is unable to scan to your server. It might scan to other servers but not yours and you are unable to figure out why is your Ricoh scanner not working properly?

Another instance is when you might have done all the configurations. But the authentication still fails and different kind of errors are popping up. You try to share a folder on the network by enabling all the permissions. The most prominent error occurs is that “the path is not correct”. The same problem persists on windows 8×64, 7×64 and X64. 

Few other instances are as follows which can frustrate you over why is Ricoh scanner not working? The possible reasons are stated as well.

  1. Authentication failed: When it shows ‘authentication has failed’, either your username/ password are incorrect or the machine cannot perform the authentication at all. You need to check whether your username/password is correct or not.
  2. Communication with PC failed: If it shows, ‘it cannot communicate with the PC’ then either WSD device protocol or WSD scanner protocol may be disabled. Enable the WSD protocol to function properly. 
  3. Non-standard size: If the original size on the exposure glass is non-standard, then it will show ‘cannot detect original size’. 
  4. Path not located: The scanner fails to find the specified path when the destination computer name or folder name is invalid.
  5. Scan file not set on client’s computer: Another case where you will wonder why is your Ricoh scanner not working is when your scan file is not set on the computer. In such a situation, it will show, “cannot start scanning as communication has failed”.
  6. Maximum limit exceeded: The scanner will also not work if you exceed the maximum number of specifiable alphanumeric characters in a path. Similarly, the maximum email size must also be kept in mind while sending one.

Those were some really common and frequent errors that crop up while you try to use a Ricoh scanner. The reasons can be really basic or can be technical too. However, by following the above blog you can get the problem fixed. 

The different problems and consequent solutions should help you to overcome your concern of Ricoh scanner not workingIn case, if your Ricoh printer is not working, get in touch with Ricoh Printer Support Number and for any other queries contact Ricoh Tech Support at 1-844-898-5888. Read our Printer Support series to solve similar issues.