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Easy guide for Ricoh printer not printing


Are you coming across Ricoh printer not printing? Are you unable to print your document?

There can be several reasons for Ricoh printer not printing. The reasons could be from as simple like power cord not plugged in securely to as complex like the printer having some internal issues. Well, whatever the reason could be it is important to identify the same and resolve the concern.

Underlaid are 10 reasons and the consequent solutions for Ricoh printer not printing-

  1. Power on: 

    Confirm that the cable is securely plugged into the power outlet and the printer and then switch on the power button.

  2. Online Indicator: 

    Check the online indicator. In case the online indicator is not switched on, press the ‘Online’ key to activate it.

  3. Alert Indicator: 

    If the alert indicator is flashing red light, there is an error with the machine. Check for an error message on the Ricoh’s printer dashboard and take the required action to overcome the problem.

  4. Paper Tray:

    Check the paper tray and load the paper onto the bypass tray, if required.

  5. Print Configuration: 

    Try to print a configuration page, if you are still facing issue with your printer. In case you are unable to print the configuration page, this is an indication of glitch in your Ricoh printer. Contact your service representative

  6. Interface Cable:

    Connect your interface cable firmly to the printer and computer. Make sure that you are using the correct interface cable depending on your computer. Check that you are using the right cable depending on your Ricoh printer and your computer. Review the port connection accuracy.

  7. Network Connection: 

    Check that you have a secured network and contact your network administrator.

  8. Signal Strength: 

    Try to move to the location where the signal strength is good. You can check the wireless LAN signal in the ‘Control Panel’.

  9. Bluetooth Connectivity: 

    If you are using the Bluetooth, the signal strength could be affected. Install the Bluetooth interface unit properly. Change the location of the computer and the printer.

  10. Data IN Indicator: 

    Look for blinking indicator on the printer after sending the documents to print. If the light is not blinking, it implies that the data is not sent to the computer. This could mean that there is interference with your network connection.

The different problems and consequent solutions should help you to overcome your concern of Ricoh printer not printing.

In case, if your Ricoh printer not working, get in touch with Ricoh Printer Support Number and for any other queries contact Ricoh Tech Support at 1-844-898-5888. Read our Printer Support series to solve similar issues.