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Beginner’s Guide on How to use Amazon Fire Stick


You have recently brought home a powerful streaming media device (Amazon FireStick) which plugs into HDTV and you can access thousands of movies, TV Shows, apps, and games but you don’t know how to use Amazon FireStick. You might have come across a hardware which lets you support Wi-Fi and it also comes with Quad Core Processor.

It also comes with the language support as English and Hindi for Indian users. You can control the Amazon fire stick using voice control technology to search videos as per your interest.

Once you buy the product the first question will come to your mind is How to use Amazon FireStick. Below are the steps you can follow the below functionality to understand How to use Amazon FireStick.

  •    Connect your Amazon account with the device.
  •    You can create an account if you do not have one while setting up the process.
  •    Connect the power adapter to Fire Stick.
  •    Plug the other end of Fire Stick into HDMI port.
  •    Corresponding to that, select the input channel for the port, you have connected to your Fire TV Stick.
  •    Loading screen with the Fire TV Stick logo should be visible.
  •    Pair your remote with the TV after loading the battery.
  •    An active internet connection is required.

It is an indisputable fact that it is an effortless process but it is not a reflector to your PC or Cell Phone.  But it does come with few features which makes it an extended advancement.

  1.    Elementary Content: Amazon states that Fire TV Stick offers various movies, TV episodes, music, news, and games. The collection varies from Bollywood to Hollywood. You can connect to Gaana, Hotstar, Prime, YouTube, etc.
  2.  Usage Ease: The Fire TV Stick comes pre-inscribed, so you do not have to go through the inconvenience of registering and using it. You just require a Prime subscription so that you can connect with TV and Wi-Fi.
  3.  Sundry Controls: It also comes up with parental control settings. You can set a PIN to moderate the content for children. Amazon Fire Stick comes with different user ratings.
  4.  Data Usage: You can keep an eye on consumption of data through Fire TV Stick. You can manage the quality for data use. You can also preset your limit for data usage.
  5.  Voice Search Remote: This feature responds instantly and it let users to easily search for the content using their own voice.

Talking of a bigger picture, Amazon Fire Stick features lets you give a fuller vision.

But in case you are looking to resolve the issue of  How to use Amazon FireStick you can follow the steps above. In case you are looking for any other concerns you can contact Amazon FireStick Support. And for any other queries, you can contact Amazon Fire Customer Service Phone Number at 1-844-898-5888 .