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Fix the issue of McAfee firewall keeps turning off in 5 Steps


Is your McAfee firewall keeps turning off?

Are you constantly worried about your data since your McAfee firewall keeps turning off?

These days private companies and personal network use firewall and antivirus solutions that protect their devices from external malicious users. But sometimes there could be the possibility that your antivirus McAfee firewall keeps turning off. 

There could be various possible reasons for the dysfunctionality of McAfee. One of the major reason can be that you have deactivated your AV Program. Once you have deactivated your AV Program, it leaves your entire network open and makes your data unsafe.

However, like any other security product, it can be deactivated internally due to numerous reasons such as-


  1. Suspicious Infiltration: 

    McAfee does not protect against all your computer security and there could be a possibility that your virus can gain access to your system through an unmonitored means. For safe and easy transmission of data, some viruses deactivate existing firewall. Turn on McAfee Antivirus immediately and run a system scan.

  2. Various Anti-Virus Program: 

    Anti-virus functions well if they work independently. In case if you have any anti-virus programs running the application can interfere with each other and they will not function well. In few cases, third-party firewall identifies other firewall protections and turn them off automatically. For example- Window comes with a built-in firewall that turns off the third-party firewall.

  3. Windows Firewall: 

    In the form of anti-virus program, all Windows have built-in security measures. These applications are not as compatible as another advanced antivirus solutions such as McAfee and that is why consumers purchase third-party antivirus protection. Turn off the existing firewall once you have installed the McAfee Firewall on your computer. Select ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Windows Firewall’. For both public and private settings, click on ‘Turn Windows Firewall On or Off’ and then select ‘Turn Off Windows Firewall’.

  4. McAfee Tool: 

    If McAfee continues to turn off despite the deactivation of Windows Firewall, use McAfee Virtual Tool. Being an automated tool, it can diagnose and fix most of the problems related to McAfee. Visit McAfee’s website to install and run the tool. If the application discovers any problem, McAfee will repair them and will enable real-time protection.

  5. Check Internet Connection: 

    If you do not have an active internet connection, McAfee will not work. If you are not on the web, there is no need to protect you from web viruses.
    You can check your wireless or wired connection for turned off routers or see if your computer is enabled to access the internet. Once you connect it to the internet, automatically the status will change to ‘on’.

The above-listed issues and corresponding solutions should help you to overcome your issue of McAfee firewall keeps turning off. In case, the issue persists, get in touch with McAfee Support Number and for any other queries contact McAfee Support Phone Number at 1-844-898-5888Read our McAfee Support series to solve similar issues.