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4 Ways to resolve the issue of Amazon Echo Sound Quality


Amazon Echo enables you to control your voice. You can also play music and games, read the news, ask questions, and so much more instantly. You can even make calls or drop a message. It has features of voice cancellation, or go hands-free with anyone by using your voice. It can hear from you from any direction. Once you have purchased the Amazon Echo, you might come across, like others that you are facing an issue of Amazon Echo Sound Quality.

You might be facing the issue with poor acoustics. More than 300 reviews of users have faced issue with Amazon Echo Sound Quality.

So if you are facing an issue regarding Amazon Echo Sound Quality follow the steps below:

  1.    You can try saying this to Amazon Echo and you can adjust sound controls:
  •    “Alexa, increase bass.”
  •    “Alexa, set movie mode.”
  •    “Alexa, set the bass to three on the soundbar.”
  1.  You can use one of the above voice commands to get started.
  2.  Otherwise, the Amazon has also announced new equalizer and sound mode controls. They let you personalize the tone of the audio playing on your receivers.
  3.  The new features include audio ranges bass, midrange, and treble. The bands are referred to strengthen or weaken the audio frequencies.

In response to the complaints, Amazon worked supersonically came up with a solution to address the concern, stating that they are coming up with an update. The update will improve the speaker’s frequency curve so that users can get a clearer sound, cleaner highs and improved bass response.

With the increase in technical, Amazon Echo is quite easier to use. It is getting smarter by adding new features. But, in case if you are still looking to solve the issue Amazon Echo Sound Quality, please contact Amazon Echo Online Support Team. And for any other concerns, you can also contact Amazon Support Number at 1-844-898-5888.