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Third Generation Amazon Alexa Devices- Echo Dot Setup


Third Gen Alexa Powered Devices- Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Amazon Echo Devices have undoubtedly been a great hit over the last two years. With the release of Alexa powered devices, Amazon has now made a great market presence in both Home Automation and AI Powered devices. The Echo Devices have been on power, if not a step ahead of their competitors including Google Home, Apple Homepod etc.

Now that the third Generation of Echo Devices has hit the market, let’s have a look at the general setup and Installation of these brand new devices.

Look and Feel of the new devices:

First Impressions, the devices look almost similar to last years’ lineup. We have the usual layout of four buttons on the top, which includes Volume Up and Down Buttons, Mute Microphone and a Wake Alexa Button.

Another distinctive feature is the addition of four far-field microphones in place of just one on the previous Gen Model.

Installation & Setup

To move with Echo Dot Setup & Installation, let’s first power the device with the included Charging Adapter. This will boot up the device real quick.

Install the Amazon Alexa and follow the below mentioned steps to complete the Echo Dot Setup and Installation.

  1. Open up the Amazon Alexa app and click on the Devices Section from the bottom right corner.
  2. In the Devices section, there are two ways to add a device. The first way is to click on the Echo & Alexa Icon on the top left corner. This will then pull the Echo & Alexa Devices linked to your Amazon Account.
  3. Once you order Echo Dot from, it automatically adds the device to the Alexa App. Thus this will show under the Echo and Alexa Devices. Select your device from the list here and you are done with the Installation.
  4. The Second method for setting up your device is to press on the ‘+’ Icon inside the ‘Devices Section’. This will again pull out your device (already registered by Amazon with the Alexa App), select your device from the list.
  5. Selecting the device will open up the device settings menu prompting you to connect the app with the device’s remotely active Hotspot. From the list of WiFi’s on the screen, press ‘Change’ in front of the selected WiFi and follow the simple steps on the screen.
  6. It will then prompt you to connect your Phone to Amazon Echo Dot via WiFi. In your Phone’s Wireless settings, select WiFi named ‘AMAZON-XXX’ to connect your phone with Echo Device.
  7. Once connected, Alexa would then prompt you to go the Alexa app to complete the setup and Installation.
  8. Moving back to the app, press ‘Continue’ and select your local WiFi on the next screen to complete the setup.
  9. Your Device is now registered on the Alexa App and is now connected to your phone.

This was the complete Echo Dot Setup and Installation. Please refer to our Amazon Echo series to read more such informative Articles.

For more information contact our Amazon Alexa Support at 1-844-898-5888.