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How to Connect Amazon Echo to Computer


In the world of Home Automation, Amazon Echo is one of the most favored devices. Once  Alexa app setup is done, you don’t require a smartphone or laptop to control the Alexa. But if you connect amazon echo to computer, it becomes more powerful and allows Alexa to control your PC. It takes the history window of your Alexa history from what you’ve been saying and it reads from a history window and does things on your PC. It can perform the search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. It can also do things like opening applications (Excel or online banking window) if you wanted to do your sums for your bills.

Follow the below steps to Connect Amazon Echo to Computer

  1. Log in to Amazon Alexa using your computer and turn on the echo device you want to connect with it. Please make sure your echo device is connected to WiFi and can access the internet.

    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer Step 1
    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer – Step 1
  2. Once the orange light on Alexa device turns on, its name should appear in the Alexa window where you just logged in. Make sure you’re logged in using the same Amazon account from where you ordered the Echo device.

    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer - Step 2
    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer – Step 2
  3. Hold the Echo button for 10 seconds to initiate the connection and click on settings and then select set up the new device in the Alexa window on your computer.

    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer - Step 2
    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer – Step 2
  4. Choose the type of your Echo device have, select your Wi-Fi network and click connect.

    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer - Step 4
    Connect Amazon Echo to Computer – Step 4

Things you can do once you connect Amazon Echo to computer

Once the Amazon Echo is connected to your computer there are a lot of cool kinds of stuff that you can ask Alexa to perform it on your computer.

  • Turning on your computer –  If you’re at home and want to turn on your desktop/ laptop from Sleep mode, you can actually ask Alexa to do that. When Alexa is connected with IFTTT app on your mobile and mobile is connected to the same WiFi network, you can ask Alexa from to turn on your computer.
  • Sending Messages on Slack – You can send messages on Slack to your team using the Alexa chatbot skills. You’ve to link your Amazon account with your Slack in order to send messages on Slack channels.

Performing Math Calculations – Alexa is really smart when it comes to math calculation. You can train the Alexa using free skills available in the market and it will take your instructions and do maths as per your need.

If you still face issues in Connecting Amazon Echo to Computer, you can call Amazon Echo Customer care service at +1-800-385-6297.