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4 Crucial Steps to Complete Alexa App Setup


Amazon Echo is the Amazon developed a wireless smart home speaker that allows the user to control smart home devices like smart lightings, appliances etc. Echo devices are operated by voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa. So when you say “Alexa”, the echo device gets activated and gets ready to take your inputs.

The Amazon Echo uses a speech recognition system to perform an ever-growing range of tasks on command. To use the Amazon Echo device, you need to set up your Echo with the companion Alexa app by Amazon. In the below four crucial steps we’ll explain to you how the Amazon Alexa App Setup is done.

Steps: Alexa App Setup


The first step for Alexa app setup is to plug in your Echo to power. There is a blue light on the Echo ring and you will hear Alexa saying ‘Amazon device is ready for the setup just follow the instructions in your companion’.

You then have to download and initiate the Alexa app setup on your smartphone or tablet. Go to Settings and click ‘Go To Echo Setup’. You will now see an orange light revolving on the ring of your Echo.

Step 2
In Alexa app setup, next step is to log in to your Amazon account in the app. Once you have logged into your account, it will show you your details and ask you to connect it to WiFi.

Step 3
Head to the WiFi settings on your mobile and select the Amazon-xxx wifi network. Once you have connected to your WiFi successfully, Alexa says ‘you’ve connected to your device go ahead and complete the setup in your companion app’. Note that you have to connect it to Amazon WiFi network and not your home WiFi network.

Step 4
Now that your Alexa App is connected to WiFi, you have to press the action button on your Echo device. Once this is all done, your Amazon Alexa App Setup is done and your Echo is ready to take your instructions.

In Pictures: Amazon Alexa App Setup

    1. Plug in your Amazon Echo device and download Alexa App on your phone.

      Alexa app setup step - 1
      Alexa app setup step -1
    2.  Login to Amazon Alexa App with your Amazon login credentials.

      Alexa app setup step -2
      Alexa app setup step -2
    3. Go to WiFi settings on your mobile and connect to Amazon network on your mobile.
      Alexa app setup step -3
    4.  Press the action button, go to your Alexa App and start using Echo.
      Alexa app setup step - 4

If you still face difficulty in your Amazon Alexa App Setup, you can call Amazon Echo Customer care service at +18448985888.