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Fixing Amazon Echo WiFi Connectivity Problem


Amazon Echo devices are smart speakers that allow users to control their smart home devices with their voice commands. These Internet-enabled echo devices use WiFi to connect with other devices however there’re chances that sometimes these Amazon echo devices face Internet connectivity issues. The below guide will explain to you how to fix Amazon Echo Internet Connectivity problems in details.

To fix Echo WiFi connectivity problems, first, we need to make sure the WiFi is connected properly.  To determine the Wi-Fi connectivity status of Amazon Echo device, search for the power LED on the base of the device, with white color indicating good connectivity and orange color LED indicating that there is no Wi-Fi connectivity.

When you are experiencing poor Wi-Fi connectivity or no Wi-Fi connectivity with your Amazon Echo device, try out the following things:

  1. Reboot your Wi-Fi router and turn your Amazon Echo device off and on again.

    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems - Step 1
    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems – Step 1
  2. Check for the signal interference on your Amazon Echo device. If you think that your WiFi network is working fine, try changing the position of your Echo. Keep it away from the devices that may hinder its signals.

    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems - Step 2
    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems – Step 2
  3. Remove the unused devices from your network so as to reduce the network congestion on your WiFi.

    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems - Step 3
    Fixing Amazon Echo Wifi Problems – Step 3
  4. If you have a dual-band modem, switch the device to 5GHz frequency as it provides less interference and good speed. This connection is a more stable connection. On the other hand, 2.4GHz frequency network is better for devices that are placed far away from the router,i.e. if the signal has to pass through walls.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your Internet Connection speed should be at least 512 Kbps in order to stream content in Alexa. Most of the times a slow Internet connection or low bandwidth is usually the cause of many streaming issues.

If your Amazon Eco is still not connecting to WiFi call Amazon Echo Customer Care Service Experts  at +1-800-385-6297