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Amazon Experts’ Advice on Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting


Amazon Echo devices can be a great addition to any living room kitchen or even a bedroom, especially in smart homes. Setting up Amazon Echo is quite easy. But once the initial setup is done there are very few changes that would be required.  Your experience must have been pain-free so far. But small changes can create some troubles and your Amazon Echo device would need to troubleshoot to fix the issues. You can come across certain issues in Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting such as :

  •  Wi-Fi Connection is inconsistent.
  •  Alexa is unable to connect to other devices.
  • Alexa is not able to understand your voice.
  • Alexa is not connecting to Bluetooth Devices.
  • Streaming services are not streaming.
  • Unwanted activations are reduced.
  • Alexa Skills are playing up.

Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting Steps

For the Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The status of connectivity is indicated by the power LED on the device, white meaning good connection and orange affirming no Wi-Fi connectivity. You can reboot your router and switch on and off your Echo. If everything is working well, you can reposition your Echo for better signal.
  • Make sure that your device is compatible with the Echo. You can also use (IFTTT) to fill the niche of compatibility gaps. Follow the set up instructions before asking Alexa to discover it. And be very sure of being connected to the same Wifi network.
  • If the Alexa, does not understand you, give Alexa its own time. It will be able to recognize your voice once you keep repeating yourself to Alexa. You can start by using the voice training tool.
  • You can also check what Alexa actually heard. The Alexa keeps a note of your requests. In the history, you can identify the misheard words and correct by expressing them more clearly. And make sure that it is not near to any noisy appliances.
  • Sometimes, you may face issue in connecting Alexa to the Bluetooth devices. The Amazon Echo only reinforced the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2D2 SNK) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. So be very sure while connecting it must be of same source. Also, check with the battery charge of your Bluetooth device.
  • The Amazon Echo unique feature is that it can stream media from different sources. In case you are facing fragmentary issues, the possible reason could be down in internet connection. It is advised to check the internet speed as well.
  • In case you want you can change the character Alexa Bliss, which keeps waking up our Echo. You can change the settings.
  • Alexa has around 25,000 skills and al work in a different tangent. You can browse these skills in ‘Settings’ and can toggle these on and off.
  • You can try restarting your Echo device and network hardware. This helps in resolving the most WiFi issues. And make sure that you decrease the congestion in your WiFi. Try to disconnect multiple devices if you are facing a congestion in the network.
  • Try getting in touch with Internet service provider, router manufacturer or network administrator so that you can connect to the network.

Underlaid are the steps to re-set your Amazon Echo : 


For Amazon Echo, first, you need to delete the installed Amazon echo app from your mobile and then reinstall the Amazon echo app on your mobile phone in order to keep things working.

Step 2
After you have reinstalled your Amazon echo app on your mobile, you should then disconnect your Amazon echo device from power or any device. Wait for few seconds and then plug in Amazon Echo Device again.

Step 3
The final step for Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting is to restart the Amazon Echo device. To do this, keep your Amazon echo upside down and look for a little Reset pinhole at the base area. That is basically from where you restart your device. Poke that hole inside with a needle-like instrument and your Amazon echo restarts. Your Amazon Echo device is being troubleshot and is now ready to set up again. To read the detailed guide for Alexa app setup, read our article here.  

In Images: Amazon Echo Troubleshooting & Resetting

  1. Delete the installed app and re-install the Amazon Echo app.

    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 1
    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 1
  2. Disconnect your Amazon Echo device and plug it in again.

    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 2
    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 2
  3. Restart your Amazon Echo device.

    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 3
    Amazon Echo Troubleshooting Step 3

It is an indisputable fact that Amazon Echo is a task manager and helps you control your home, phone, give you ideas, etc.  But if you are still facing issues regarding Amazon Echo Troubleshooting, you can contact Amazon Echo Support. If you are still looking to resolve any further issues feel free to contact  Amazon Echo Customer care service at  1-844-898-5888.