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Hotmail, one of the best used web-mail services globally is a family of Microsoft product. It is previously known as MSN and Windows Live and now recently upgraded to outlook  officially in website. It’s the professional look that is attracting most of the mail users to Outlook. Generally various reasons club to form Hotmail issues. Here we afford you with the best solution for all Hotmail issues. Just a dial on the number provided with in our site will direct you to relative executive where you will be left with your issue rectified.

Hotmail Support

Are you in search of Hotmail Support? Path you choose is exact. Yes, we here afford you with MSN Hotmail Customer Care Number. We also aid you at supplying the toll free numbers of msn live, outlook and other products of hotmail here over a single platform.

Hotmail Technical Support:

Hotmail Technical Support is the one which solves all the hotmail related tech issues. Email service is a very sensitive subject as it is concerned with security. Hotmail is serving millions of users with different mail addresses. Security issues had taken place twice in the history of hotmail. How ever they were solved with an immense effort later. If you need any help regarding hotmail technical issues then feel free to call the support

Contact Hotmail Customer Support:

Contact Hotmail Customer Support to get your issues fixed. Password complaints have been a daily issue these days. Forgot Hotmail password? Here we facilitate you with Hotmail Number. From the year 2011 it has been recommended strictly to the email users to create a strong password for their personal account, by Mr. Dick Craddock, the Hotmail group program manager. This resulted in customers forgetting their password due to confusion with the lengthy security code. If you forget your hotmail password click on the link ‘can’t access your account?’ and enter your mail id and submit to reset your password. This will be possible if you have an alternate mail id. Or else you need to call Hotmail to overcome the issue.

Hotmail Hacked?

Hotmail Hacked issues are mostly the hot topic now-a-days. Hijackers after acquiring your account will generally send a spam to your friends. So your friend will know first that your account is hacked before you. By contacting Hotmail support resolves your hacking issue. Hotmail has provided an option for its users to report their friend about the hacking problem. In your mail window on the top menu bar you can notice a dropdown “Mark as”, click on it and select the option “My friend’s been hacked” and then report. Next process will continued by the respective team and the issue gets resolved. As it is said “Clothes do not make the man”. Sometimes performing as above might not result in a solution. So it is imperative to talk to an expert for fixing the bug.

Hotmail Issues gets solved here:

Suffering from Hotmail login problems? Is your Hotmail not working? Hotmail hijacked fix? Hotmail hacked? All such questions merge you to reach here. Login issues have been a matter of contention since a long time. First, One should conform that it is really an issue related to Hotmail service or not. To do it you need to clear the browser history and try to re-login. If it’s still the same it might be a server complaint and you need to contact Hotmail to break the issue. Msn live account hijacked is another topic to concern. When your account gets hijacked you will be redirected to a new page where you find an error message ‘Your account has been blocked’. Here you find the info regarding the causes for the account block and how to retrieve it. If you still can’t access your account then you need to click on the option ‘Can’t access your account?’ where you need to answer some security questions. Later you will be provided with a verification code on your mobile as a SMS or to your alternative email id. You need to enter it in the space provided. This process ends with reset of your password and you can enjoy the Hotmail 

Hotmail to Outlook:

If you want to know the changes from Hotmail to Outlook. Outlook is the new look given to Hotmail. It was Microsoft’s new mail service. On 3rd April 2013 all existing were changed to You can directly drag your mail to the desktop to copy in your PC. The inline audio player facility provided by the Outlook will let you listen to the audio message received directly with out downloading it to your computer. The color indication in the received messages in inbox instructs its users about the mail whether it is received from a trusted person or not. If the color is green it indicates message is from a trusted person or a Microsoft trusted site. Red color means the message is not from a trusted site. Yellow color indicates that the message is from a person who is not in your contacts so far. Previously an add-on, Hotmail connector was held which helped the users to connect with Microsoft Outlook. The performance, speed of operation has increased vastly with Outlook 2013 when compared with Outlook 2010.

Hotmail Chat Support:

It is not provided for the Hotmail users. “How do I contact Hotmail support?” will be the next question. Hotmail help support will replace you with the chat service. All the complaints can be discussed directly with an executive over here. Do I need to change account? You need not change your account for utilizing the youthful changes. Your account will automatically get upgraded to the new look.  Unless you need your account name to get changed with ‘’, you need not rename your account. There will be no change with your email, Skydive files, contacts and calendar. All your contacts and reminders within your calendar are also worked out on the latest version. Can you switchback? No, there is no switch back to the old version from Outlook to Hotmail. The developers felt there will be no problem in using the latest version in any aspects so they have removed the switching option to the previous version. Are you a Hotmail Plus user?  No worry for your account. You will be elevated to the advanced version with no advertisement disturbance. Outlook works on almost all the browsers which are up to date. Contacts are now pronounced as people in the current version. One can check there contacts from the people pane figured on the top menu bar.

Its bliss to us serving you with the answers for the following:

  • Creating a Hotmail email accounts
  • Installing MSN Messenger and Services
  • Configuring email account in Microsoft Outlook Hotmail
  • Account Settings and Hotmail email allows you to block spam filtering rules
  • Questions and Hotmail Immediate Help
  • Hotmail mobile installation and configuration
  • My Hotmail email account, the language has changed. How I can restore?
  • I have received e-mails in my hotmail account
  • My Hotmail account has been hacked!
  • My Hotmail account has been blocked!
  • My spam filters do not work.
  • I guess I’m a victim of email spoofing.
  • What should I do if my hotmail account has been hacked.
  • I cannot open my email account. Is there any question in my hotmail?
  • Technical support for configuring email accounts to work with other email clients.
  • Setup email accounts are hotmail.
  • To help determine the send or receive an error message.
  • Helps eliminate or filter spam messages.
  • Support to change or reset the Hotmail password.
  • Recovery of corrupted messages.
  • Address Blocking unwanted email.
  • Providing the latest updates.
  • Browser Compatibility Issues verification.
  • Errors when sending / emails from Hotmail.
  • Write and read emails from Hotmail.
  • Enter / Exit Mail Hotmail issues.

Hotmail Customer Service Phone Numbers:

MSN Hotmail Number for USA: 1800-386-5550


Windows Live Hotmail Number for Canada: 1866-234-6020


Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail Number for UK: 0843 479 9816


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