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City National Bank Customer Service Number USA

City National Bank
One of the leading banks in the USA is City National Bank. It is a supreme American financial institution located at California. It is owned by the city national corporation, with more than $28.6 billion assets. To main a user friendly relationship with the customers it has established a separate department known as City National Bank customer service. According to the media claims the bank was nick named as Bank to the stars. It also supplies a full accompaniment of banking, trust, and investment services through 78 offices that incorporates with 16 full service provincial centers. It also acts as a processing bank, providing bank office services to the customers.

City National Bank Customer Service

City national bank supplies a variety of services to its customers like credit card, finance, investment, real estates, special assets, and so on… customers for the particulars of these services and products can contact the service executives at City National Bank customer service number. All the essential or vital contact details of the service are declared below.

City National Bank Toll Free Number, USA

Credit Cards:

City national bank supplies credit card facility to the customers. Most of the customers use the credit cards to purchase the products rather than money. In present era, every bank understood the importance of credit card and it has been recognized as one of the important service which the bank is providing.


City national bank also supports the customers financially when they are need. Most of the customers need a complete financial support from the bankers. Financial support also incorporates with insurance competences.


The city national bank also provides an investment service to the customers. Customers can invest their saving in this bank.

Real Estate’s:

City national bank also provides the real estate service to the customers that deal with buying and selling the lands and homes.

Special Assets:

City national bank also supplies special assets service to the customers. Here the firm focuses on the acquisition of office, retail, industrial, and residential properties.

City National Bank
Date Published: 18-11-2013
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