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Verizon Wireless Customer Service Toll Free Number USA

Verizon Wireless:

It is one the biggest wireless mobile network functional system in USA, is been headquartered at Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Verizon wireless customer service provides information about the prepaid services, consumer sales information. Verizon wireless customer care number gives its best in solving customer problems.

Verizon wireless customer service

Verizon Communication purchases Vodafone for $130 billion and deal will be normally closed by 2014, this statement been stated on 2nd September. Verizon wireless toll free number affords any kind of service or information to the customers. It affords information about most modern technologies available in the market.

Verizon wireless toll free number

Prepaid services:

It contributes information about prepaid services the company is affording to the customers. Its prepaid service number is: (888) 294-6804. Its afford services for round a clock.

Customer care number:

800-922-0204, this number will be helpful for the users for resolving any queries, issues, for any problems. If users want to speak with this number first user has to start dialing his area code and then the user has to start dialing the number.

Consumer sales:

It is an additional service provided for customers regarding Consumer sales. The number is (800) 256-4646. The main motto is to increase their consumer sales as quick as possible. In order to speak to Verizon representative for any kind of services, the services may be as adding a new account, adding a new service so on, for these kinds of services we need to press 1.

For up gradation of system we need to press 2. If a customer is new to Verizon wireless service then the person has to hold in the line for a few seconds. In case of any queries, doubts on any product the customer need to press 2.

Short cut keys:

It provides information about certain shortcuts for the customers.
For balance #BAL (#225), to check number of minutes the person has been spoken: # MIN (#646), to make the payment: #PMT (#768), Data used: #DATA (#3282), Upgrade Eligibility: #UPG (#874).

Prepay shortcuts:

In order to check balance is*611, to check voice mail is: *86, to make payments: #PMT (#768).

  • Prepaid services: (888) 294-6804.
  • Consumer sales: (800) 256-4646.
  • Customer care number: 800-922-0204.
  • Balance shortcut key: #BAL (#225).
  • Number of minute’s shortcut key: # MIN (#646).
  • Data used: #DATA (#3282).
  • Upgrade Eligibility:  #UPG (#874).
  • Payment shortcut key: #PMT (#768).
  • Prepay shortcut for balance: *611.
  • Prepay shortcut for voice mail: *86.
  • Prepay shortcut for payment: #PMT (#768)

Verizon wireless Head quarters

Verizon Corporate Headquarters

140, West Street.
New York, NY
Telephone number:1-212-395-1000
Fax number:12125711897

Verizon wireless customer service USA

It offers affordable services to the customers. For prepaid service customers can contact Verizon wireless customer service at any time. Its catchphrase is “we never stop working for you”. Verizon wireless toll free number will be helpful for knowing the latest services offered by them.

Verizon wireless customer care service solves most of the queries with the help of its website. In certain cases if email and automated services are not enough then we can consider the Verizon customer service line. For prepaid services number is *611. For post paid service number is 1-800-922-0204 the service timings are from 6 AM to 11 pm and for prepaid service the number is1-888-294-6804. They work for 24 hours a day.


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