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U-Haul customer service toll free number USA


U-Haul is considered as the growth of giant in rental and fleet services providing both do-it yourself services for all the types of vehicles. U-Haul customer service USA stands first in availing different services pertained with rental services. It is considered as the consumer’s first choice in rental trailer, which often hitches, in the automotive industries. Through this U-Haul customer care number USA one can find the appropriate info about rental and merchandise services.

U-Haul customer service

The company is recognized as the leader in supplying various vehicles like trucks, trailers, auto-transports and various other equipment. Because of this U-Haul customer service number USA one can be withheld with particular kind of information related to the automobile industry. It has been providing services with best in prices, which lets every user to be associated with U-Haul for rental services. The list of U-Haul toll free numbers USA is provided below.

U-Haul toll free numbers

Customer service

Need help regarding U-Haul products and services? You can speak up directly to its representatives by just ringing to “1-800-789-3638” to get your doubts clarified. The representatives are available during 4 am-11 pm (MST).

Roadside assistance

Emergency situations can be overhaul by just dialing the 24-hour roadside assistance number “1-800-528-0355”. This program is designed to help the customers in fixing their roadside issues within no time. By calling on this number the nearest technicians will approach you soon to figure out your problems.

Report accident or damage

If unfortunately you have met with an accident then to get immediate assistance you can call to the number “1-800-528-7134” round the clock. If the mistake is not yours then the representatives will provide like-to-like vehicle to get back you on road again.

Payment issues:

For any type of payment issues customers can call to the numbers, which are provided below to resolve your payment related issues. Different numbers are provided for different payment options like for tickets you can call to “1-888-886-0782” or for credit issues you can call to “1-800-826-9633” or for equipment issues call to “1-800-528-7134”.

Apart from this it also provides different toll free numbers for different issues:

  • Customer service: 1-800-789-3638
  • Roadside assistance 1-800-528-0355
  • Report accident or damage 1-800-528-7134
  • Payments for tickets: 1-888-886-0782
  • Payments for credits: 1-800-826-9633
  • Payments for equipment: 1-800-528-7134
  • Used Trucks for sales: 1-866-404-0355
  • Moving supplies: 1-866-277-6855
  • Moving help: 1-866-748-4110
  • Propane: 1-800-528-0361
  • Sustainability: 1-866-963-0286
  • U-Haul car share: 1-866-323-4591

U-Haul headquarters address:


Phoenix, Arizona
United States

U-Haul customer service, USA

Queries, concerns, complaints, and feedback whatever it may be, Representatives of U-Haul customer services are happy to listen from the customers. They resolve the concerns of customer sand build confidence in them in choosing their services.

Today U-Haul is standing in the race because of the patronage given by the representatives of the service. They stand behind for every success and failure of the firm.


Date Published: 22-10-2013
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