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Overstock Customer Service Toll Free Number USA

Overstock :

A wide range of products are purchased by the customers in retail price at Overstock. It is located at Salt Lake City. It offers discounts on its products to the customers. Customers to order a product they can contact Overstock Customer Service. It markets various types of products such as women wear, furniture, chairs, men wear, dresses, coffee, sofa, beds and so on. Customers can know the details of these products by dialing on Overstock Customer Care Number.

Overstock Customer Service USA

Overstock provides fewer prices on all its products. Their products or services are distributed around the United States. Customers to know the latest models or for any query they can call on Overstock Customer Service Number. Overstock marketers to maintain a good customer or consumer relationship they arranged three different ways of communication like through live chat, email and Overstock toll free Number.

Overstock Customer Care Toll Free Number

For Customer Service:

Customers to directly contact the executives they can call on 800-843-2446 and clarify all their issues related to the products, and they can also place an order if they wish to purchase. Customers can call on the specified number from Monday – Friday from 8am – 9:00pm, EST (GMT-5) but on Saturday and Sunday – Closed.

For Transfer Agent:

Customers can contact the transfer agent by calling on 781-575-2879 for any queries.

Media Relations:

To maintain media relations, Overstock exclusively provided a number. The number is 801-947-3564

For Investor Relations

Customers for the details of investor they can call on 801-947-5409

Overstock   Customer Care Number

  • Customer service: 800-843-2446
  • Transfer agent: 781-575-2879
  • Media relations: 801-947-3564
  • Investor relations: 801-947-5409

Overstock Headquarters Address

6350 South 3000 East
Salt Lake City
UT 84121
United States
Telephone number:(801) 947-3100

Overstock Customer Service

Overstock products are good quality products with reasonable amount of prices. Most of the customers prefer to buy overstock products because of its discounts and less prices on the products. Customers can contact the overstock customer service to place an order or if they encounter any obstacles while using those products. Their main vision is to grant a perfect and superior customer service to the customers.

Overstock marketers collect the feedback from the customers. Customers when contact the overstock technical support team, guide the customer on the product benefits etc… Customers share their experience with the service executive which helps in the development of the firm. The service executives take the feedback from customers and strive hard for the better improvement of the customer service.


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