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EA Sports Customer Service Toll Free Number USA

EA Sports:

EA Sports is a brand name of Electrical Arts which was founded in 1991. EA Sports Customer Service is providing different type of games to the users. EA Sports website is very useful to the Users who are interested more in video games. EA Sports Customer Service provides information on latest games for users. You can give feed backs to the EA Sports Customer Service on their products.

EA Sports Customer Service

EA Sports Customer Service is having professional employees to provide good games with better features that user needs. You can communicate with the EA Sports Customer Service by using EA Sports Technical Support number. You can give complaints through the mail if you face any errors while using EA Sports. EA Sports Customer Care Support is always ready to help you for solving your problems.

EA Sports Customer Care Toll-Free Numbers

For General Customers

Customers who are local to the USA can communicate with the EA Sports toll free number is 866-543-5435. This number will be available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 9 pm.

For Investors Contact

Customers who can contact with the EA Sports Customer Care Toll free Number 650-628-7352 for any complaints and queries. You can connect with the mail also for any queries on EA Sports Customer Service.

For Technical Support

You can contact to this EA Sports Customer Care Toll free Number 650-628-1905 for any EA Sports technical Support help.

Console Phone Number

Console phone number will help you to provide more information about the EA Sports Customer Service. The Console phone Number is 650-628-4322.

EA Sports  Customer Care Number

  • Customer Care Number: 866-543-5435
  • For Investors Contact: 650-628-7352
  • Technical Support Number: 650-628-1905
  • Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322

EA Sports Headquarter Address

209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA
Telephone number:(650) 628-7352

EA Sports Customer Service USA

EA Sports Customer Service asks customers to provide feedback on their games. By giving the feedback to the EA Sports Customer Service, they do not repeat the mistakes for the future. You can contact EA Sports service through Facebook to know more about the service and games.

EA Sports Customer Service will provide all type of games like animation, action, adventure etc. EA Sports is providing games to install through mobiles and tabs. The users, who fail to solve their issues through the EA Sports Toll Free Numbers, can directly contact them. The various customers’ contact numbers are listed above.


EA Sports
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