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AutoZone Customer Service Toll Free Number USA


It is the leading trader for aftermarket automotive parts and accessories. It has more than 5000 stores in United States and in Mexico. AutoZone Customer Service USA offers exceptional services to its customers. AutoZone has been dedicated to provide the best services for the last 30 years, customer services in the automotive aftermarket industry. AutoZone Customer care number USA comes in handy while anyone wants to buy spare parts etc.

AutoZone Customer Service

AutoZone is also foremost distributor of automotive substitution parts and accessories in USA. AutoZone has been incorporated in the state of Nevada. Customers have the option to choose the parts among the available ones with it. Auto Zone offers personalized services to its customers. The company has various branches in US.

AutoZone Customer care Toll Free Numbers USA:

AutoZone Customers:

Patrons having any issues related parts and accessories can converse to Customer care executives. Customer care service number is available 24×7. Customers residing in the USA can converse with the customer service help desk through its toll free number. Customers can contact on “1-800-288-6966 “.


AutoZone fetch business to customers shop. AutoZone retail Customers require specialized assist. Customers preliminary for innovative business AutoZone endow with enormous potential

Stocking Program:

Commencing from brakes to shop supplies make available to customers regarding parts and accessories.

Credit Program:

AutoZone credit program suggest admirable customer services for in-house.

  • AutoZone has billing cycles dialy,weekly and monthly
  • AutoZone has payment application and account setup for quick and expedient credit scoring
  • Devoted procession of credit
  • AutoZone has charter options also
  • For Customers electronic ordering online invoicing available 24/7.

Technician Training Program

AutoZone endows customer techs with hands-on and online training from foremost professionals to assist customers convey better-quality customer service

AutoZone Corporate Office Address

AutoZone Inc.

123 S. Front St
Memphis, TN
Telephone number:(901) 495-6500
Fax number:(901) 495-8300

AutoZone customer service, USA:

The Customer care executives are always well in advance in solving the queries of their customers. AutoZone customer care number acts as a association between customers and the company. The customer service executives can be contacted on phone or standard mail. Customers can also give their feedback regarding AutoZone parts, accessories, services etc through any available contact ways.

As the customer care representatives of AutoZone know the value of their customers, they react promptly to the customer queries and suggest suitable solution to their tribulations through AutoZone customer care number. They endow all the information concerning parts, accessories, services. In the year 1979 in Forest City, Arkansas AutoZone first store was opened. AutoZone culture of putting customers first and providing Trustworthy Advice has been ever present it has been grown by AutoZone.


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